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Get The Gift Of Health

Our Best Offer of the Year!  $200 of savings with your consult, exam, scans, report and spinal x-rays if needed, just $37

In addition, the entire $37 in December is donated to the production of our Blessing Bags that we are compiling with the help of our patients to give to those in need.

If that is not an incentive enough, we are offering something we have NEVER offered before!!!  You will also be given a $100 Credit* towards your personalized care plan once you start!

Not only will you be given insane discounts for your thorough exam, scans, and any needed spinal x-rays, but you will now receive credit to actually get the care recommended to start your journey to better health!  Schedule an appointment while this offer still lasts!

Offer expires January 31st 2023

Act now! There will not be another like this in 2023

We have a limited number of slots for a New Patients, schedule now to make sure you can get in before the deal expires.

Who is this offer for?

As we approach a new year and your thoughts turn to self-reflection this offer is for those who want more out of life.

This will be most obvious to those who have major health issues. Maybe you’re sick of your back always hurting. Maybe you’re sick of the constant neck pain or headaches. Maybe you had to give up doing something you love because your body is “getting too old.”

Maybe you aren’t sleeping well, or you’re sick all of the time. Maybe you are tired of constantly taking medicine and dealing with the dependency and side effects.  Maybe you are wondering if there is a better way to naturally treat your anxiety or depression.

Are you wondering if you must put your kids on medication for their ADHD? Do you wonder if it is good to put your kids on antibiotics several times a year?

There is a better way to naturally improve how your body functions without drugs or surgery, whether you are 70 years old or 7 weeks old.

Anyone and everyone who is sick of the constant stress, exhaustion, and anxiety of not being in good health! This special offer is for YOU and your loved ones.  If you want to experience more energy, less pain, better sleep, less tension, and improved gut and immune health, this is FOR YOU!

What it is we do.

We specialize in goal centered care. After discussing with you about all your health concerns we do a thorough and detailed exam. Not just on your back nor just on the problem area, but we do a top to bottom examination including a postural evaluation, orthopedic and neurological exam, a 3D pressure map of your feet when standing, and then we get to the most important stuff by doing 3, separate, cutting edge, neurological scans of your spine.  From that, we determine the necessity of postural x-rays and take those in office if needed.

All of that is done on your first appointment. After that we schedule a Report of Findings where we will sit down with you and thoroughly review all the results of your findings.  We will discuss their significance and make a specific care plan recommendation tailor fit for your health problems to map a path to better health.

How it works

Simply click the button above or below here, and provide your Name, Email, and Cell Phone Number, and our Team will reach out to you right away to get you scheduled at the time that best fits your schedule. 

All appointment must be scheduled prior to January 31st 2023.  We have a limited number of new patient slots that will fill up quick due to this un precedented deal, so call fill out you information today to get on our schedule.

There is a Total of $365 in Savings built into this Gift of Health offer, where the Consult, Scans, & Report Process are just $37 and we donate the proceeds to making Blessing Bags to bless those in need in our community.

This deal comes with a $100 Care Plan Credit, ready to be applied when you start care! This only qualifies for those starting the prescribed plan and choosing one of our affordable monthly payment plans of prepay discounts.


Valid thru January 31st, 2023 – so that you can use it during December to combat the holiday stress if you’d like, or you can get started in January as part of your healthy New Year’s Resolutions! Let us help you get your health back and at full steam in 2023!

Claim you offer and schedule an appointment before our slots fill up.



Higher Health Chiropractic has made a huge impact on my life and the lives of my coworkers.

After winning a raffle, Higher Health Chiropractic offered to come to my office and provide lunch and a brief presentation about their outlook on personal health and some services they offer. That presentation has changed my life.

I was unaware about how my spinal-alignment affected the communication of information through nerves in my body. The Higher Health Chiropractic team brought in new technology to the office to show us electrical impulse measurements in various places in our backs; the pains I had been feeling were reflected in real time on a projector screen in front of me, without ever having to say one word about what I had been feeling.

I went to their office today for a full evaluation and had a wonderful experience. Their staff is very well trained and educated, and are always willing to inform you about their procedures and methods. They are upfront about all the actions they take, and only move forward with what patients are comfortable with. From the point you enter to the point you leave, each member of their office is genuine and kind— and the amount of personal information you learn about yourself, the arches of your feet, the length of your legs, the shape of your spine— is invaluable for a better and healthier future.

Thank you Higher Health Chiropractic. I don’t give many reviews, but your office and practices are definitely worth recommending. I hope many other people give your services a try— the earlier individuals start gaining knowledge about the way their bodies are forming and adapting is essential to preventing health problems in the future.


Phil came to Higher Health in his early 60’s. Although Phil had a desk job, he had always remained very active.  His primary concern was he wanted to do a 13 mile snow shoeing trip with some old college buddies, but knew his back wouldn’t make it.  In just doing some practice hikes, his back would get increasingly stiffer after just a couple miles.  Worst of all he would harl=dly be able to move the next day.  This trip his buddies were planning would not only be longer and harder because of the deep snow, but he would have to hike in with a pack, camp and pack out the next day.

After an evaluation, a corrective chiropractic care plan was put in place.  Within a short few weeks, Phil’s prep hikes were going better and he was not only lasting longer, but had easier recoveries.

Phil, made the trip with his biddies. He had a blast and would profusely thank Dr. J and the Higher Health team for keeping him young and doing the things he loved!

“The Twins”

A mother of 9 year old twin boys regularly came into Higher Health to get adjusted to deal with her back pain.  While she was progressing and seeing a lot of improvement, she opened to Dr. J about her frustrations with her twin boys.  She vented that they had just gotten a notice from the school district that her boys could no longer miss any further days of school without consequences.  The big problem was, that they were only a little over half way through the school year.  She explained that her boys were perpetually getting sick and she was so frustrated that she could not keep them healthy.  She was overwhelmed by the numerous doctors visits and felt she was drowning her boys in antibiotics and medications. She was frustrated that the doctors could not tell her why her boys could not stay healthy. 

Dr. J invited her boys into the office for an evaluation. Specifically he wanted to do a scan of the twins’ nervous system to see if there was a neurologically based reason why the twins’ bodies were not mounting a strong enough immune response.  At her wits end, the young mother was willing to try anything.  After twisting her skeptical husband’s arm, she brought the boys in. 

The scans revealed what Dr. J had suspected. Being born very prematurely had left the twins with a uniqie pattern of birth trauma. Both boys had severe nerve interference in their upper cervical spines.  Dr. J outlines a course of chiropractic care focused on restoring normal nerve function in the twins’ necks.  After just a couple adjustments, immediate improvements were noticed, but the true test would be if they would stay healthy.  After starting care, the boys did not miss another day of school due to their health.  A year later the mother reported: “We love Dr. J. He has been amazing with helping get our twins immune systems built up. They have not been as sick since we started with him last year. He is Awesome!”

About Dr. J

Higher Health Chiropractic has been in business for 20 years and has grown to one of the largest Chiropractic offices in the Denver Metro due to the amazing results we see here. Those results are earned not from chasing down symptoms like most other doctor’s offices in town, but focusing on the underlying problems. We specialize in optimizing function in everyone from brand new little infants, to our adolescents in sports and staring at screens all day, to our office athletes and weekend warriors and finally to our seniors who are trying to stay mobile and independent.

Dr. J understands the importance of natural healthcare for the whole family as he stays busy with his 5 kids. In addition to his exhaustive education in the treatment and management of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. J also consults patients on nutrition, athletic performance enhancement, and organic diseases such as ear infections, asthma, heart burn, indigestion, poor sleep and much more.

Higher Health Chiropractic

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